Now, I’m not here to debate the colour (because it is clearly blue… even if I was sure it was white and gold) but viral posts, particularly seemingly innocent ones, which spark definitive answers from everyone are a power to be harnessed.

This was managed very successfully by the Specsavers who tweeted:


Even the power of the tweet was harnessed by metro.co.uk and the popularity was predicted even before it was published. Specsavers additionally went on to retweet individuals calling for Specsavers ad campaigns.

It is not often that a brand has such a strong slogan, applicable to real-life situations, that members of the general public direct tweets are the marketing team imploring them to take advantage of the situation.

This tweet was financially promoted, the hashtags used were trending at the time of the tweet and furthermore people were actively seeking out a related tweet by the business.

After 10k retweets, if you still can’t see the power of hashtags and following the bandwagon of what everyone is talking about then, well… you should’ve gone to Specsavers.